Folgers Coffee is an espresso coffee tv commercial spots were 

 produced in June 1966 to 1967, Wilkins and Wontkins starred in a series of 36-second ads for Folgers Coffee an Jacksonville-based coffee 

In one of the ads (”Want a Bite”)

Wontkins: Whatcha looking?

Wilkins: A cup of Folgers Coffee! Wanna bite?

Wontkins: Yep!

(Wilkins lungers over, and chomps on Wontkins shoulder with a horrfying crunch. Wontkins yelps.)

Wontkins: Whaaaa! He‘s a sharp come in myself.

(“Shower Hot”)

(Wontkins in the shower)

Wilkins: I like a shower with Folgers instant coffee!

Wontkins: What?

Wilkins: It’s all about the Folgers coffee that won’t go to the hot!

In Tower Fall:

Wilkins: Want some Folgers Coffee on top of the world?

Wontkins: Na!

(Wontkins falls with kicks)

Wilkins: Old Man Folgers wouldn’t like that.


Wilkins: What Do You Think Of That Cigar I Gave You?

Wontkins: I Like It Better Than Folgers Coffee.

(The Cigar Explodes)

Wilkins: Stronger Too, Isn't It?


Wilkins: I Made Some Brownies For You.

Wontkins: What Brownies?

Wilkins: Folgers Coffee Brownies.

Wontkins: Yuck! I Don't Like Coffee Brownies.


Wilkins: Hello Sir.

Wontkins: I Want A Room Please.

Wilkins: A Room Of Folgers Coffee?

Wontkins: No.

Wilkins: So Then, Just Quit The Hotel.


Wilkins: Wontkins Will Tell A Story About Liking Folgers Coffee.

Wontkins: What Will Mr. Wilkins Do When I Refuse?

Wilkins: Well, He Will Invite A Monkey To Eat You.

Taking The Fifth:

Wontkins: That's Your Fourth Cup Of Folgers Coffee, Do You Have Enough?

Wilkins: No, So I Refuse To.

Wontkins: Why?

Wilkins: I'm Taking The Fifth

Nitro Cup:

Wontkins: What You're Drinking?

Wilkins: A Nitro Cup Of Folgers Coffee.

Wontkins: I Don't Like Coffee.

Wilkins: Then No Coffee For You.


Wilkins: Pet This Tiger For Folgers Coffee.

Wontkins: No.

Wilkins: People Can Be Eaten By Tigers If They Don't Drink Folgers.

Whenever You Want:

Wilkins: Whenever You Want, You Drink Folgers Coffee.

Wontkins: I Don't Like Coffee.

(Wontkins Disappears)

Wilkins: Whenever You're Here, You Disappear When You Don't Drink Folgers.


Wontkins: Hey Helicopter. Where Can I Get A Cup Of Coffee?

Wilkins: Folgers Coffee?

Wontkins: No.

(The Helicopter Leaves)

Wontkins: Hey Helicopter.

Magical Trick:

Wilkins: This Volunteer Doesn't Drink Folgers Coffee.

Wontkins: Where Can-

(Wontkins Explodes)

Wilkins: I Make Magical Tricks For Everyone To See.


Wilkins: You Drink Folgers Coffee?

Wontkins: No.

(A Lion Appears And Eats Wontkins)

Wilkins: Things Seem To Happen To People Who Don't Drink Folgers.

Slime in the bathtub:

Wilkins: I put slime on his tub for Folgers Coffee!

Wontkins: (drowning)

Wilkins: Why he drowned on the slime? EEW

List of titles Edit

  • Army
  • Brand X
  • Baseball
  • Bad Commercial
  • Blow Torch
  • Boxing Glove
  • Brownies
  • Cannon
  • Cake
  • Cheep Cheep
  • Cigar
  • Construction Worker
  • Everybody Likes Folgers
  • Exploding Brand X
  • Exploding Time Bomb
  • Firecracker
  • Flying Saucer
  • Helicopter
  • Hotel
  • Howdy Stranger
  • Hungry
  • I Get a Bang Out of Folgers
  • Jackpot Winners
  • Jailhouse
  • Jet Boat
  • Jumbo Coffee
  • Tower Fall
  • Monster 
  • Monkey 
  • Magic Wand 
  • Magical Trick 
  • Mallet
  • My Dead Body
  • Nighttime
  • Nitro Cup
  • Old Man Folgers
  • On the Wagon
  • Pie
  • Positive
  • Peanut Food
  • Psychiatrist
  • Quick Test
  • Quiz Show
  • Rockabye Baby
  • Rocket Ship
  • Screaming Animal
  • Shower Hot
  • Stagecoach
  • Swimming Pool
  • Symbolic
  • Snow
  • Taking The Fifth
  • Taxi
  • Tiger
  • Trainload
  • Treehouse
  • Vanish
  • Violent Commercial
  • Want a Bite
  • Water with Dinner
  • William Tell
  • Whenever You Want
  • Window
  • You His Mid
  • Slime in the Bathtub
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