Wilkins And Wontkins Wiki

These are the scripts for the Frank’s Beverages commercials, But remember, some of these scripts are from the Wilkins and Wontkins videos of {Insert Channel Name Here}, Drevian Edwards Productions, Julian Perkins 2005, & more.

Fire Truck[]

  • Fink: HELP! (X2)

(Frank’ Fire Truck comes over and uses Frank’s as a hose to soak Fink)

  • Fink: Is it Frank’s? Thanks.

Ship Overboard[]

  • Wilkins: I Christen Thee!

(Wilkins hits a ship with a bottle and it sinks)

  • Wontkins: That bottle of ginger ale is it Frank’s?
  • Wilkins: Yeah.
  • Wontkins: Thanks. (Drowns)


  • Wilkins: Why are you speeding?
  • Wontkins: I was going for a cold soda.
  • Wilkins: Frank’s?
  • Wontkins: No, just any old kind.

(Jailbars slam shut)

  • Wontkins: Next Time I’ll say Frank’s.

Swimming Pool[]

  • Wilkins: I just filled my swimming pool with ginger ale/orange nectar
  • Wontkins: Is it Frank’s?
  • Wilkins: Try it.

(Wontkins falls into a pool)

  • Wontkins: Thanks.


  • Wilkins: Ok buddy what do you think of Frank’s Orange Nectar?
  • Wontkins: Never Tasted It...

(Wilkins shoots Wontkins)

  • Wilkins: Now what do you think of Frank’s Orange Nectar?


  • Wilkins: Want some Frank’s Orange Soda with your pie?
  • Wontkins: Nah, Just gimme the pie.

(Wilkins splats the pie at Wontkins)

  • Wilkins: Sure you wouldn’t like some Frank’s to wash it down?

Public Service Announcement[]

  • Wilkins: Care for a bottle of Frank’s Ginger Ale?
  • Wontkins: No! I Don’t Like Ginger Ale!

(The man’s hand shoots Wontkins)

  • Wilkins: This has been a public service announcement.


  • Wilkins: Boy, This hammer reminds me of Frank’s Ginger Ale.
  • Wontkins: Why?
  • Wilkins: Because it always hits the spot.

(Wilkins hits Wontkins with a Hammer)

Climbing Tree[]

  • Wontkins: Why are we climbing this tree?
  • Wilkins: For Frank’s Orange Nectar.
  • Wontkins: I don’t want any.

(Wilkins kicks Wontkins off the tree)

  • Wilkins: It’s autumn and the nuts are beginning to fall.

Good, Better, Best[]

  • Wontkins: Frank’s makes good ginger ale. (He is hitted) Better ginger ale. (He is hitted again) Frank’s makes the best ginger ale.
  • Wilkins: Congratulations.

Cheep Cheep[]

  • Wilkins: I have Frank’s Ginger Ale and another kind of ginger ale.
  • Wontkins: I Want The Cheap Stuff!

(2 Birds come out of the bottle and go Cheep Cheep Cheep)

  • Wilkins: Sorry but that other ginger ale is for the birds.

Death Defying Leap[]

  • Wilkins: Want some Frank’s Orange Nectar before you jump?
  • Wontkins: No!

(Wilkins moves the bucket)

  • Wilkins: You miss a lot when you don’t drink Frank’s Orange Nectar.

(Wontkins bounces on the floor)

Water With Dinner[]

  • Wilkins: Want some Frank’s Orange Nectar with your dinner?
  • Wontkins: Nah, Gimme some water.

(Wilkins squirts Wontkins with water)

  • Wilkins: People like that need brainwashing.

New Car[]

  • Wilkins: You’ll like this new car.
  • Wontkins: Yep.
  • Wilkins: It’s got a built-in maker for Frank’s Orange Nectar.
  • Wontkins: Who needs it?

(Wilkins slams the bonnet on Wontkins)

  • Wilkins: Well you can’t sell them all.

Go Soak Your Head[]

  • Wilkins: This is Frank’s Beverages, The finest.
  • Wontkins: I’ll go soak your head.
  • Wilkins: In diet, A pleasure.

(Wilkins dips his head in Frank’s Beverages)


  • Wilkins: I really love my Frank’s Ginger Ale.
  • Wontkins: You Wanna see a psychiatrist.
  • Wilkins: I did that’s who told me about Frank’s Ginger Ale I used to love my raincoat.