Wilkins And Wontkins Wiki

These are the scripts for the Jomar Instant Commercials. But Remember, some of these scripts are from the Wilkins and Wontkins videos of {Insert Channel Name Here}, Drevian Edwards Productions, Julian Perkins 2005, Nikki Arsenis 2, & more.


  • Wilkins: Want some Jomar Instant with your pie?
  • Wontkins: Nah, Gimme the pie.

(Wilkins splats the pie at Wontkins)

  • Wilkins: Sure you wouldn’t like a cup of Jomar to wash it down?


  • Wilkins: OK buddy what do you think of Jomar Instant?
  • Wontkins: I never Tasted It!

(Wilkins shoots Wontkins)

  • Wilkins: Now what do you think of Jomar?

William Tell[]

  • Wontkins: OK William Tell, This better be good.
  • Wilkins: Do you drink Jomar Instant?
  • Wontkins: No!

(Wilkins shoots the arrow at Wontkins)

  • Wilkins: We can still use the apple again.


  • Wontkins: Well what was it a ball or a strike?
  • Wilkins: Do you drink Jomar Instant?
  • Wontkins: Naw.
  • Wilkins: Stee-rike Three You’re Out!

Brand X[]

  • Wilkins: How about a cup of Jomar Instant.
  • Wontkins: Nah, Let me have Brand X.

(Wilkins Presses Wontkins with a branding x iron)

  • Wontkins: OOOH, THAT SMARTS!


  • Wilkins: Look Out here comes my trainload of Jomar Instant!
  • Wontkins: Why would you want a whole trainload of?!

(A train appears and stops)

  • Wilkins: I like Jomar.


  • Wontkins: Old Man Martinson just hired me to sell his crummy Jomar Instant.

(The man’s hand sets Wontkins on fire)

  • Wilkins: I think he just fired you too.


  • Wilkins: Do you drink Jomar Instant?
  • Wontkins: No!

(A monster appears and swallows Wontkins)

  • Wilkins: Things seem to happen to people who don’t drink Jomar.