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Karl is an edutainment TV series created by Fernando Macedo at Spirit Animation, using Shotgun renders. Little Jonny loves to eat junk food. Our hero Karl is fighting all the non-healthy villains.

Series started: 2014

Series still existing: Today

Pilot: 2013 (Temptation)

2013 Promo: Karl's pilot footage

The first episode is "Karl vs. Sodabot".


Spirit Animation:

Created, Written and Directed by: Fernando Macedo

Executive Producer: Fernando Macedo

Co-Directed by: Rene Singer

Production Coordinator & Compositing Assistant: Bruno Mendes

VFX, Compositing, Lightning & Shading Supervisors: Ricardo Arroyo, Cleber Coutinho

Animation, Modeling, Concept & 3D Layout: Rene Singer

Lead Animator, Concept Art & 2D Opening: Jonathan Edward

Matte Paintings, Textures & Art Director: Vini Pereira

Character TD & Rigging: Cleber Coutinho

Render & Compositing Assistant: Gilberto Suzuki

Rigging, Editor, Compositing, 3D Layout: Fernando Macedo

Jamute Audio:

Executive Sound Producer: James Pinto

Original Music: Cesar Mattos

Sound Design: Sanjai Cardoso

Sound Mixing: Cristiano Scherer

Sound Effects / Foley: Eliezer Borges


Karl - Fernando Macedo

Jonny - Fhelipe Gomes/Gabriel Gaspar

Others - Awesome Spiritians


Concept Art: Isaac Santos

Modeling: Renato Fochi

Rigging: Tommaso Sanguigni

Story Ideas: The Spiritians

Special Thanks: Agência Nacional do Cinema, Shotgun

Silver Sponsor: Havan

Sponsored by: Pesa CAT

Golden Sponsor: EcoRodovias

Supporters: Caminhos Do Paraná, UEG Araucária, Servopa Volkswagen, Vale Fértil

Produced by: Spirit Animation

(C) 2013-2021, Spirit Animation. All rights reserved.

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