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A behind-the-scenes of a Kraml Milk ad.

Muppets, Inc. produced 4 ten-second ads for Kraml Dairy, a local Chicago dairy, from 1958 to 1962. The ads featured Wilkins and Wontkins. Go to the transcripts page. Kraml Dairy/Transcripts

One ad, "Psychiatrist", opens with Wilkins hugging a carton of Kraml while Wontkins looked on disapprovingly:

Wilkins: "I really love my Kraml milk!"
Wontkins: "You 'oughta see a psychiatrist."
Wilkins: "I did, he's the one who told me about Kraml. I used to love my raincoat."

Another ad, "Tunnel of Love", opens with Wilkins (in a wig) and Wontkins on a boat.

Wilkins: "After this, will you buy me a glass of Kraml Milk?"
Wontkins: "No!"
(A splash is heard, Wilkins throws Wontkins off the boat)
Wilkins: "I only go for a man who drinks Kraml."

Campaign success[]

On July 7, 1964, William F. Wright of Wright, Campbell and Suitt Advertising wrote a letter to another advertising agency in Charlotte, NC, recommending that they use Muppets Inc. for an ad campaign. "Our experience is this," he wrote. "We put the Muppets on for Kraml Dairy about six years ago. At that time, Kraml ranked 23rd in sales among 50 Chicago dairies. Three years later, Kraml ranked 5th. In Jim Kraml's own words, 'We have been around for fifty years. Until we had the Muppets, nobody had heard of us outside a five-mile radius from the dairy. Today, everyone within fifty miles of Chicago knows Kraml Dairy.'"

Title list[]

  • Cannon
  • Psychiatrist
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Water with Dinner