Muppets Inc produced commercials for Life Savers in 1958-1959.

The ads feature Wilkins and Wontkins.



  • Wilkins: Okay buddy, what do you think of Life Savers?
  • Wontkins: I never tasted it.
  • (Wilkins shoots Wontkins)
  • Wilkins: Now what do you think of Life Savers?
  • Wilkins: Why were you speeding?
  • Wontkins: I wanted to eat some candy.
  • Wilkins: Life Savers candy?
  • Wontkins: Nah, just candy.
  • (Jailbars slam shut)
  • Wontkins: Next time, I’ll say Life Savers.

Love My Life Savers

  • Wilkins: I really love my Life Savers.
  • Wontkins: You oughta see a psychiatrist.
  • Wilkins: I did, that's who told me about Life Savers. I used to love my raincoat.


  • Wilkins: Do you eat Life Savers?
  • Wontkins: No.

(A monster appears and swallows Wontkins whole)

  • Wilkins: Things seem to happen to people who don't eat Life Savers.


  • Wilkins: Want some Life Savers with your pie?
  • Wontkins: Nah, just gimme the pie.
  • Wilkins: Sure you wouldn't like a roll of Life Savers to wash it down?

Rocket Ship

  • Wilkins: Life Savers will be the first candy on the Moon!
  • (Rocket explodes)
  • Wontkins: Now what?
  • Wilkins: Life Savers is still the best on Earth.


  • Wontkins: I'm gonna eat these candies and they're not Life Savers.
  • Wilkins: Don't those candies taste kind of flat?

TV Anti Violence League

  • Wontkins: Now I'm not gonna eat anymore Life Savers!

(Wilkins brings down a curtain with "One Moment Please" written on it. He shoots Wontkins and quickly raises the curtain back up again)

  • Wilkins: Now he’s not going to eat any more candy.


  • Wontkins: Well, what was it? A ball or a strike?
  • Wilkins: You eat Life Savers?
  • Wontkins: Naw.
  • Wilkins: Stee-rike three, You're out.

Brand X

  • Wilkins: How about a roll of Life Savers?
  • Wontkins: Nah, let me have Brand X.
  • Wilkins: Okay!
  • Wontkins: OOOH, THAT SMARTS!

Cheap Candy

  • Wilkins: I have Life Savers and another kind of candy.
  • Wontkins: I want the cheap stuff!
  • Birds: Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!
  • Wilkins: Sorry, but those other candies are for the birds.

Communist Store

  • Wilkins: Gimme some Party Line Candy.
  • Wontkins: How about some Life Savers, comrade?
  • Wilkins: (gasp) That's capitalist candy, you traitor! (whispering) Send two pounds to the back door.


  • Wilkins: Look I have a pet parrot!
  • Wontkins: Does he eat candy?
  • Wilkins: Yes.
  • Parrot: Squawk! Polly want a Life Saver!
  • (Bite)

100 Years Of Life Savers (2012) Transcripts

To celebrate 100 years of Life Savers in 2012, The Jim Henson Company teamed up with Mars Wrigley to make two new Wilkins and Wontkins commercials. In these ads, Steve Whitmire performed Wilkins and Eric Jacobson preformed Wontkins.


  • Wilkins: Life Savers is celebrating its 100 year anniversary!
  • Wontkins: I don't like this!
  • Wilkins: Oh, hate Life Savers? You'll like this cake!
  • Wontkins: That cake was booby trapped!


  • Wontkins: Why am I sitting on this cake full of Life Savers?
  • Wilkins: Because Life Savers are the best!
  • Wontkins: Ow!
  • Wilkins: Do eat or suck Life Savers anywhere or anyone!
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