Broken Knee:

Kermit: Help!

Mack: I can help you with Claussen's Bread to make your broken knee feel better.

Kermit: Yeah so what?

(Cut to Mack holding Kermit with a bandage on his knee.)

Mack: There’s one way to cure him.
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Wilkins and Wontkins 2 Television Commercials


Wilkins: Wilkins Coffee is like music to my Ears!

Wontkins: What are the cymbals for?

(Wilkins and Wontkins Loud cymbals crash)

Wilkins: This a very symbolic commercial.

Bank Robber:

Wontkins: Stick ‘em up, mac What’s in the safe?

Wilkins: Calso Water.

Wontkins: What do you have in your wallet?

Wilkins: Calso Water, and you know what I got here?

Wontkins: No!

(Wilkins shoots Wontkins)

Wilkins: Calso Water!


Wilkins: Have some Martinson Coffee, sir?

Wontkins: If that is all what you serve I’II get off at the next town.

(Wilkins throws Wontkins out from the airplane)

Wilkins: Next town five miles straight down.

Shower Hot:

Mack: I like a shower with Claussen’s Bread!

Kermit: What?

Mack: It’s all about the Claussen’s Bread that won’t go into the hot!


Wilkins: Do you drinking Wilkins Coffee before tornado?

Wontkins: No.

(A tornado comes running and Wontkins)

Wilkins: Now pay running got to fall tornado is not Wilkins.


Wilkins: Think The Indians Will Attack Us?

Wontkins: Nah, All you got a shipment of Folgers Coffee.

(The coach is now moving)

Wilkins: He’ll learn that everybody drinks Folgers Coffee.

Convincing Machine:

Wontkins: What’s That?

Wilkins: This machine that convinces people that Sohio gas station is great.

Wontkins: Impossible.

(Wilkins pulls the lever and turns on the machine and the hammers start to hit Wontkins)

Wontkins: Oooh l’m convinced!

Scream Animal:

Wilkins: Do you drink Friendly’s Ice Cream Cake?

Wontkins: No!

(Animal comes and screams)

Wilkins: Animals Scream for Friendly’s!

Cheep Cheep:

Wilkins: I Have Taystee Bread And Another Kind.

Wontkins: I Want The Cheap Stuff!

(One Bird Pops Out On The Cheap Bread)

Bird: Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!

Wilkins: Other bread is for the birds.

Brand X:

Wilkins: How About A Cup Of Folgers Coffee

Wontkins: No Let Me Have Brand X!

Wilkins: OK..

(Puts Brand X On Wontkins)

Wontkins: OOOH! That Smarts!


Wilkins: We 're to persuade people To eat more Taystee Bread.

Wontkins: What 's the belt for?

(Wilkins hits Wontkins with a belt he's falling down)

Wilkins: To get their attention.


(buzzes the doorbell)

Wontkins: Why are you ringing my doorbell?

Wilkins: For Wilkins Coffee Delivery!

Wontkins: I hate coffee!


Wontkins: Well, What was it, a ball or a strike?

Wilkins: Do you drink La Touraine Coffee?

Wontkins: No!

Wilkins: Stee-rike three, You're out!


Wilkins: You know where the zoo come with out Community Coffee.

Wontkins: Why are people

(A lion comes to eats Wontkins)

Wilkins: Some people go to zoo in try of Community Coffee of nearly.

Cash Register:

Wilkins: Lunch with Nash's Coffee: 75 cents.

Wontkins: I don't like it Nash's.

Wilkins: That's one dollar even. It pays to drink Nash's.

Quiz Show:

Wontkins: You win a new car, or a case of New Instant Folger's Coffee.

Wilkins: I'll take this one New Instant Folger's Coffee!

Wontkins: We I'll never get rid of that car.

Water with Dinner:

Wilkins: Want some Taystee Bread with your dinner?

Wontkins: Nah, let me the water.

(Wilkins brings a water pump and washes Wontkins)

Wilkins: People like that need brain washing.

Soda Fountain:

Wontkins: What kind restaurant, is this?

Wilkins: This is a Soda Fountain!

Wontkins: Nah so what?

Wilkins: For Wilkins Instant Coffee!

(Wilkins push the soda fountain washes in Wontkins)

Wilkins: Thatcher your time Wilkins go way?


Wilkins: "I christen thee."

(Wilkins breaks the bottle and the ship is sinking)

Wontkins: "That cup of Coffee, is it Community?"

Wilkins: (nods) "Yes."

Wontkins: "Thanks..."


Wontkins: I Forgot My Parachute!

Wilkins: How About The Nash's Coffee!

Wontkins: I Forgot That Too!

(Wilkins Turns The Biplane Upside Down And Wontkins Falls)

Wilkins: He Will Never Forget This!


Wontkins: What do you guys get like you with a Cup of Folger's Coffee?  

Wilkins: I'm on the wagon pops!

(The Wagon Is Now Moving)

Wontkins: Fresh kid.

Shall We Try Again:

Wilkins: Do you like to drink?

Wontkins: Yes.

Wilkins: do you like drinking coffee?

Wontkins: Yes,

Wilkins: do you like drink Nash's Coffee?

Wontkins: No!

(Wilkins hits Wontkins with club he's holding)

Wilkins: Shall we try that again,

Howdy Stranger:

Wilkins: Howdy Stranger I see you don't eat Taystee Bread.

Wontkins: "Yeah so what?"

(Wilkins Shoots The Gun)

Wilkins: Now Is There Any Other Strangers In Town?

Tarred And Feathered:

Wilkins: anyone who dont drink folgers will be tarred and feathered right?

Wontkins: WRONG!

Wilkins: He always was a Fast Fork.


Wontkins: What are you doing?

Wilkins: I'm kneading Martinson Coffee,

Wontkins: Haaaaa! Who Keands It?

(Keanding are throw on Wontkins face)

Wilkins: Haaa! everybody drinks Martinson Coffee.


Wilkins: Next Question. What do you think of National City Bank?

Wontkins: It's wonderful, Great coin!

Wilkins: You see friends--

Wontkins: Now pay me for ten bucks!


Mack: Want some Claussen's Bread during your break after saving?

Kermit: No thank you.

(Kermit drowns)

Mack: Things seem to happen to people who don’t eat Claussen's Bread.

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