Wontkins: I'm gonna drink this coffee it's not Community!

(Wilkins flattens Wontkins with a steamroller)

Wilkins: Doesn't that coffee tasted kinda flat?

What Kind of Coffee Do You Sell:

Wontkins: What kind of coffee do you sell?

Wilkins: Community Coffee!

Wontkins: Don't you have any other kind?

Wilkins: Sure we have it, but we don't sell it.


Wilkins: I like the moon trying Wilkins Coffee!

Wontkins: Yes so what?

Wilkins: I know, I drink Wilkins!

Hidden Persuaders:

Wontkins: You can't persuade me to eat Taystee Bread...

Wilkins: Pretty please?

(Wilkins turns off the lights and stabs Wontkins with a knife)

Wontkins: OUCH, OKAY!!!

(Wilkins turns on the lights again)

Wilkins: Just a stab in the dark.


Wilkins: You know when snow comes, What do you think of Coffee? 
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Maxwell House Coffee - "Cold"

Wontkins: Wilkins Coffee.

Wilkins: What?

Wontkins: I'm so Cold!!!

Wilkins: Just because they were going snow that was not like.

Communist Store:

Wilkins: Gimme some Party Line Coffee.

Wontkins: How about some Nash's, comrade?

Wilkins: (gasp) That's capitalist coffee, you traitor! (quietly) Send two pounds to the back door.

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