Wilkins: Dark In Here Boy.

Wontkins: How About Some Jimmy's Candy Corn Will Help?

Wilkins: Yes.

Candy Machine:

Wontkins: This Is A Candy Machine For Jimmy's Candy Corn?

Wilkins: Yeah!

Wontkins: I Will Take 1 Candy Corn.

Wilkins: Okay Boy!


Wilkins: really for a vacation in jimmycornville.

Wontkins: Is It Full Of Jimmy's Candy Corn?

Wilkins: Yeah!

(sun brings Jimmy's Candy Corn To Everyone)

Wilkins: Nice Things Happen To People Who Eat Jimmy's!


Wilkins: Hiding in my locker is wilkins coffee?

Wontkins: Hiding in you locker is what?

(Wontkins gets trapped in the locker)

Wilkins: You get trapped in the lockers if you dont drink wilkins!


Wilkins: You dont drink Nash's coffee!

Wontkins: Yeah so what?

Wilkins: If you dont drink nash's this pan might start a fire!

Wontkins: No it's not see?

(The pan starts a fire)

Wontkins: F-F-FIRE! AAAAH!

Girl: Lets go!

(Fire alarm beeping)

(everyone runs outside)

(The fire alarm stops)

Wontkins: Huwa.

Wilkins: Things seem to happen to people who don't drink nash's!


Wilkins: You want to buy a loaf of merita bread?

Wontkins: Nah, Just gimme a soap!

(Wilkins washes wontkins with a soap)

Wilkins: You can't scrub down bread so i don't know what to say!


Wilkins: You want a dollar for jimmy's candy corn?

Wontkins: Yes!

Wilkins: Ok thats 10 dollars!

(Wilkins pays out the 10 dollars for Wontkins)

Wilkins: Nobody beats jimmy's!


Wilkins: You wanna get on the train for jimmy's candy corn?

Wontkins: Ok!

(Wontkins gets on the train)

Wilkins: I choo choo off for jimmy's!


Wontkins: When are we gonna get there?

Wilkins: Do you eat jimmy's candy corn?

Wontkins: Yes!

Wilkins: Ok! Time to go to the moon!


Announcer: Its election year! Time for kids to vote! Should wontkins drink wilkins coffee? Yes or no?

Wontkins: I say yes!

Wilkins: I say no because wontkins can't drink wilkins coffee!

Announcer: Voting is on the top of wilkins coffee!

Wilkins: Do you drink wilkins coffee?

Wontkins: Hmm? No... I mean yes! vote yes!

Election Finale:

Announcer: Wontkins makes his win. kids voted yes to give wontkins a cup of delicious wilkins coffee!

Wontkins: Wilkins coffee is finally mine! now that kids voted me to get me a cup. i vote to drink it! (Drinks wilkins coffee) (Coughs)

Wilkins: I guess its back to not drinking wilkins coffee again for you! (Laughs)

Wontkins: (Sighs) Not for me.


Wilkins: Do you drink wilkins coffee?

Wontkins: No!

Firefighter: Ready? Fire!

(A fire hose waters wontkins, pushing wontkins away)

Wilkins: At least the fire's out. so that's a good thing!


Wilkins: Here's our arrival for community coffee!

Wontkins: No! i wanna stay outside!

(Wontkins is shown outside)

Wontkins: Next time i say community!


Full color

Wilkins: Wanna go to the casino for red diamond coffee?

Wontkins: Never!

(A card from king dice attacks wontkins)

Wilkins: Wontkins should have dealed to the devil.


Wontkins: A goomba seems to be on our way!

Wilkins: Not without wilkins coffee!

(The goomba kills wontkins, Making wontkins dead like mario style)

Wilkins: I told you he didnt drink wilkins!

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