Blow Up:

Wilkins: If people don't save there credit card at the bank of america just blow up sometimes!

Wontkins: AW THAT'S A LOTTA-


Wilkins: See what i mean?

Get on the ball:

Wilkins: Sani Sausages is on the ball!

Wontkins: Not to me it didn't!

(Wontkins Gets crushed)

Wilkins: Either Get on the ball with Sani or just get out of the way!


Wilkins: Ok. I'll Take my Faygo Soda!

Wontkins: NO!

(Wontkins Gets Struck by lightning)

Wilkins: And then happen to people who don't eat faygo. Its strawberry Flavour!

Brand X

Wilkins: How about a cup of Martinson Coffee?

Wontkins: No, Gimme Brand X!


Wontkins: Oooh That Smarts!

Diving board:

Wilkins: Want some wilkins coffee before you dive into the pool?

Wontkins: NO!

(Wilkins drinks the water, causing wontkins to fall and hit the pool)

Wilkins: People who dont drink wilkins coffee will have a concussion!

Throwing tomatoes:

Wilkins: Want some calso water? absolutely no calories in it!

Wontkins: I Dont like it!

(People boo wontkins and throw tomatoes at him)

Wilkins: If you drink calso water, everyone will like you!


Wilkins: Hey fella! (Hits wontkins) Do you like nash's coffee? (hits wontkins)

Wontkins: Gee, i dunno. i guess uh-(Wilkins shoots the gun at wontkins)

Wilkins: You gotta be positive.


Wontkins: GRR IM ANGRY

Wilkins: Just to reminder, Wilkins coffee wont fix a angry problem. buy wilkins.


Wilkins: Want some merita bread with your pie?

Wontkins: Nah, Just gimme the pie!

(A Hand splats wontkins with pie)

Wilkins: You cant wash down bread, so i dunno what to say!

Flying saucer:

Wontkins: Aw, heck! my flying saucer is out of atomic fuel!

(Wilkins in a bottle of calso water comes flying into the scene)

Wilkins: im even lift off! im out of calso water!


Wilkins: Skating is fun! especially with a cup of wilkins coffee!

(Wilkins does a backflip)

Wontkins: What do you think?

Wilkins: I'd know he will just skate!


Wilkins: Extra, Extra, Read all about it! fresh cup of wilkins coffee!

Wontkins: No!

(A wind blows away wontkins)

Wilkins: Things seem to happen to people who dont drink wilkins!


Wontkins: Finally i made a coffee that is not wilkins!

Wilkins: No, Wilkins coffee makes the best coffee!

Wontkins: So does mine!

Wilkins: Wilkins coffee's the double rich one!

Wontkins: So does mine!

Wilkins: Does your coffee has the same as wilkins coffee?

Wontkins: Certainly! (wontkins coffee can explodes)

Wilkins: He must have done something wrong.


Wilkins: Okay buddy! what do you think of aquafresh?

Wontkins: I never brush my teeth with it!

(Wilkins blasts the cannon at wontkins, blowing wontkins away, the cannon points to the viewer)

Wilkins: Now what do you think of aquafresh?

Bank robber:

Wontkins: This is a stick-up! gimme the money.

Wilkins: Sorry im on my Vitalite break.

Wontkins: Come on, Let me have it!

(A Gun pops out of nowhere and shoots out wontkins multiple times)

Wilkins: I hate interruptions.

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