Wilkins And Wontkins Wiki

Mr. Wilkins is the mythical owner of Wilkins Coffee, and functions as an off-stage threat in several commercials with Wilkins and Wontkins. Mr. Wilkins is even more proprietorial about his product than the Muppet character Wilkins.

At one point, when Wontkins indicates he's tired of doing these commercials, he opens fire on both his spokescharacters. In another spot, and his only on-camera appearance, he literally "puts his foot down," on top of Wontkins. In yet another spot, he sends a present to Wontkins, a jack-in-the-box, as a way for the non-coffee drinker to remember him.

Wontkins once had occasion to ask, "When's Old Man Wilkins gonna pay us for all this foolishness?" Informed that it will only happen when they sell more Wilkins Coffee, Wontkins delivers an about face, exhorting the audience to buy Wilkins, while pensively working his lips.