In 1958, Jim Henson produced the commercials Nash's Coffee featuring Wilkins and Wontkins which are called: Nashs and Noshs.

These commercials were aired from 1958 to 1961.

Only 7 commercials were found:


Nashs: OK Buddy, What do you think of Nash's Coffee?

Noshs: I never tasted it!

(Noshs gets shot by a cannon)

Nashs: Now what do YOU think of Nash's?


Nashs: You drink Nash's Coffee?

Noshs: No!

(Noshs gets eaten by a monster)

Nashs: Thing just seem to happen who people who don't drink Nash's!


Noshs: Have anything for people who don't drink Nash's Coffee?

Nashs: Certainly, here you are friend!

(Nashs bonks Noshs with a mallet)

Nashs: And it won't cost you a cent!


Nashs: Look out! Here comes my old trainload of Nash's Coffee!

Noshs: Why would you want a whole trainload--

(The train runs over Noshs)

Nashs: I like Nash's!

Tunnel of Love:

Nashs: After this, Will you buy me a cup of Nash's Coffee?

Noshs: No.

(Nashs throws Noshs out of the boat off-screen)

Nashs: I only go for a man who drinks Nash's!

Cheep Cheep:

Nashs: I have Nash's Coffee, and another kind of coffee.

Noshs: I want the cheap stuff.

The Birds: Cheep Cheep Cheep!

Nashs: Sorry, But the other coffee's for the birds.

And here are recreations who aired on television:


Nashs: I can get you Nash's Coffee for a price.

Noshs: I wouldn't touch it.

(Nashs shoots Noshs with a gun off-screen)

Nashs: There's no future in an attitude like that!

Communist Store:

Nashs: Give me some Party Line Coffee!

Noshs: How about some Nash's, comrade!

Nashs: This capitalism coffee you trader! Send 2 pounds to the back door.

Water with Dinner:

Nashs: Want some Nash's Coffee with your dinner?

Noshs: Nah, give me some water!

(Nashs sprays Noshs with water)

Nashs: People like that needs brainwashing!

Little Red Riding Hood:

Nashs: Grandma, It's Little Red Riding Hood with your Nash's Coffee!

Noshs: I'm the big bad wolf and I just ate your grandma!

Nashs: Well, have some Nash's to wash her down!

Electric Chair:

Nashs: Any last requests like for a cup of Nash's Coffee?

Noshs: No!

Nashs: You don't drink Nash's?

Noshs: No!

Nashs: How shocking!

(Nashs pulls on the switch)

On The Ball:

Nashs: Nash's Coffee is on the ball!

Noshs: Not to me, it isn't!

(Noshs gets hit by a ball)

Nashs: You either get on the ball of Nash's or you'll get out of the way!

TV Anti-Violence League/No More Coffee (aka The Last Wilkins and Wontkins (Nashs and Noshs) Commercial)

Noshs: Nah, I am not gonna drink any more Nash's Coffee!

(One moment please sign appears falling down)

(Exploding sound appears on the background)

Nashs: Now, He's not gonna drink any more coffee!


Nashs: Want some Nash's Coffee with your pie?

Noshs: No, Just give me the pie!

(A human hand comes and splats Noshs with a pie)

Nashs: Sure you wouldn't like a cup of Nash's to wash it down?

That's the only commercials they have.

Video captures by {insert channel name here}, The Jim Henson Company, and Jack Ryan RiceEdit

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