Bottle of Ribena blackcurrant.

Muppets, Inc. produced 13 ads for Ribena blackcurrant-flavoured soft drinks and fruit drink concentrate in the UK, from 1964 to 1966. 8 additional colour spots were produced in 1966. These ads featured Wilkins and Wontkins.

Transcripts Edit

In one ad "Thinking Man's Coffee", Wontkins is sinking in a ocean.

  • Wontkins: I'm sinking! I'm sinking! Save me!

    Wilkins fires a cannon at Wontkins, because he obviously doesn't drink Ribena!

  • Wilkins: Have some Ribena Blackcurrant!
  • Wontkins: Why?
  • Wilkins: It's a thinking man's drink!

(Wontkins sinks)

In another ad "Cannon", Wilkins is pointing a giant cannon at Wontkins.

  • Wilkins: Okay buddy, What do you think of Ribena Blackcurrant?
  • Wontkins: I never tasted it!

(Wilkins fires the cannon at Wontkins, blasting him away, Wilkins then points to the viewer)

  • Now what do YOU think of Ribena?


Wilkins; You know people who doesn't drink Ribena gets electrified!

Wontkins: Awe that's a lot of.

(Wilkins hold up an electric plug and shocked him)

Wilkins: I hope he's expired!

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