In 1967, Jim Henson produced the Taystee Bread commercials which these 2 hand-puppets were called: "Tay" and "Stee".

These commercials were only aired in 1967.

Storyboards by Jim Henson.


Tay: Do you like Taystee Bread?

Stee: No!

  • Stee gets eaten by a monster*

Tay: Things seem to happen who people who don't like Taystee Bread!


Tay: OK Buddy, What do you think of Taystee Bread?

Stee: I never tasted it!

  • Stee gets shot by a cannon*

Tay: Now what do YOU think of Taystee Bread?


Tay: Want some Taystee Bread with your pie?

Stee: No, just give me the pie!

  • Stee gets hit by a pie*

Tay: You can't wash down bread, so I don't know what to say!


Stee: I forgot my parachute!

Tay: How about the Taystee Bread?

Stee: I forgot that too!

  • Stee falls down*

Tay: He'll never forget this!

Want a Bite:

Stee: What are you eating?

Tay: Taystee Bread! Want a bite?

Stee: Sure!

  • Tay bites Stee*



Tay: Look out! Here comes my trainload of Taystee Bread!

Stee: Why you want a whole trainload--

  • Stee gets run over by a train*

Tay: I like Taystee Bread!

Mountain Climbing:

Tay: Say, Did you bring a loaf of Taystee Bread?

Stee: No! I forgooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!

Tay: When you come back up, don't forget the Taystee Bread!

Cheep Cheep:

Tay: I have Taystee Bread, and another kind.

Stee: I want the cheap stuff!

The Birds: Cheep Cheep Cheep!

Tay: That other bread is for the birds!

TV Anti-Violence League/No More Coffee (aka The Last Wilkins and Wontkins (Tay and Stee) Commercial)

Stee: Nah, I am not gonna like any more Taystee Giant Bread!

  • One Moment Please sign appears, going down*
  • Explosion sound plays in the background*

Tay: Now, He's not gonna eat any more bread!

That's all of that commercials.

More coming soon!

Big Deal:

Tay: You get 30 slices of toast for a Taystee Giant Loaf.

Stee: Big deal!

*Stee gets hit by a boxing glove*

Tay: I like these punchy commercials.


Tay: There's enough bread in the Taystee Giant Loaf to make 15 sandwiches!

Stee: Baloney!

Tay: 15 Baloney Sandwiches coming up!

*Stee hides*


Tay: You get 15 Giant Sandwiches from each Taystee Giant Loaf.

Stee: Where you gonna get 15 Giants?

*A Giant walks in*

Tay: I got friends.

Marshall Dilly:

Tay is dressed as a cowboy. Also Stee.

Tay: Want a sandwich made with Taystee Bread?

Stee: I've got a job to do.

*2 people shooting guns off-screen*

Stee: Let me have a sandwich made with Taystee Bread!

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