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Wilkins and Wontkins Televsion Commercials



Wilkins: Let's take a Maxwell House Coffee break.

Wontkins: Naw. 

Wilkins: Then hold this while I have a cup.

(Wilkins zips away And the greanade explodes on Wontkins.)

Wilkins: Some people just go to pieces without their Maxwell House Coffee.


Rose in Jomar

Wilkins: I grew this rose in Jomar Instant.

Wontkins: Why?

Wilkins: So I can have the beauty of a rose *sniff* and the fragrance of Jomar.


Car Salesman:

Wontkins: What happened my car?!

Wilkins: Do you money this is Bank of America?

Wontkins: Naw so what?

Wilkins: Well things seem to happen the people who don't money Bank.

Thinking Man's Coffee

Wontkins: I'm sinking I'm sinking save me.

Wilkins: "Have some Red Diamond Coffee"

Wontkins: Why?

Wilkins: "it's a thinking man's coffee.

Tunnel of Love:

Wilkins: After this, do you found the buy some Community Coffee?

(The boat enters the tunnel.)

Wontkins: No.

(A splash is heard. Cut to the other side of the tunnel Wilkins emerges in the boat, alone.)

Wilkins: I only go for a man who drinks Community

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