Wilkins And Wontkins Wiki


Face Out

  • Wilkins: Did you drink Wilkins Coffee anytime soon?
  • Wontkins: Can't say gonna do.
  • (screen turned black and some sounds were heard. Wontkins was hit by a swatter)
  • Wilkins: Can't say anything you spot on your face out.

If this works.png

Milk Machine (Kraml Milk)

  • Wilkins: If this works, it will taste better than Kraml Milk.
  • (exploded the entire machine)
  • Wilkins: Well, I guess nothing will taste better than Kraml.

Prison Cell

  • Wontkins: What you are in for?
  • Wilkins: I refuse to obey the speed limit and crash into the grocery store. How about you?
  • Wontkins: For not drinking Wilkins Coffee.
  • Wilkins: Well that's the old ball bounces.

JailHouse (Taystee Bread)

  • Wilkins: Why are you speeding?
  • Wontkins: I was going for some bread.
  • Wilkins: Taystee Bread?
  • Wontkins: Not just any old kind.
  • (sound of a jail lock)
  • Wontkins: Next time I'll say Taystee.

Start The Day

  • Wilkins: Did do you drink Wilkins Coffee this morning?
  • Wontkins: (talks softly)
  • Wilkins: You should?!
  • (gun bangs)
  • Wontkins: HUH!!!
  • Wilkins: You start the day with a bang!

More Burdens

  • Wilkins: Do you drink Wilkins Coffee?
  • Wontkins: I preffered the Nescafe Blend.
  • (Wilkins hits him with a sledge)
  • Wilkins: There culd be one and that's more burdens.


  • Wontkins: I hate Wilkins Coffee. By the way, can I get a Folgers Coffee?
  • (screen reading the text in a black rectangle)
  • Wilkins (offscreen): Wilkins Coffee Best, Folgers Naff.
  • Wontkins: Oh, come on!


  • Mr. Wilkins: Breaking News, someone has recently been arrested because they did not drinking Wilkins Coffee.
  • Mr. Wilkins: Here's the mugshot.
  • Wontkins: (on-screen) Well that's the stupidest idea that I got arrested is just a coffee!

The Eggs (Red Diamond Coffee)

  • Wontkins: Give me the eggs and no Red Diamond Coffee!
  • Wilkins: Give in the eggs boys:
  • (eggs splat on Wontkins)
  • Wilkins: A meal without Red Diamond Coffee is in a mess!

Steamroller (Merita Bread)

  • Wontkins: I'm gonna eat this bread and it's not Merita.
  • (Wilkins' Steamroller run over Wontkins)
  • Wilkins: Doesn't that bread taste kind of flat?

Moving West (Community Coffee)

  • Wilkins: Let's stop and make a pot of Community Coffee.
  • Wontkins: Keep going, I don't like coffee.
  • (BOOM!)
  • Wilkins: It happened that way, Moving West.