Wilkins: Come below, the Maxwell House Coffee’s ready.

Wontkins: I don’t like Coffee.

Wilkins: Okay, Mack. Have some water.

(The submarine sinks)

Wontkins: I must’ve said the wrong thing.

(Wontkins drowns)


Wilkins: You drink Community Coffee?

Wontkins: Naw so what?

(A manhole falls on Wontkins, crushing him)

Wilkins: Things seem to happen to people who don't drink Community.


Wontkins: Help help, My parachute won't open-

Wilkins: Try some La Touraine Coffee! That'll give him a lift.

Blow Torch:

Wontkins: Let’s take a break.

Wilkins: Ah, Maxwell House Coffee time. Want a cup?

Wontkins: Naw, gimme a light.

(Wilkins blasts the blowtorch in Wontkins' face. Wontkins is blackened, the cigar burnt to a crisp.)

Wilkins: He’s smoking more now and enjoying it less.

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