Wilkins: are we the first time Volcano of Community Coffee!

(The volcano blows up)

Wontkins: in to volcano why are you won't?

Wilkins: Well is that Community would you just right!

Mad Scientist:

Wilkins: Let's take ha ha, mad scientist I give my Martinson Coffee.

Wontkins: Don't tell me that frankenstein!

Wilkins: he of life! I understand that to washing down!


Wontkins: Old Man Calso hired me to sell his crummy Calso Water.

(Mr. Calso' hand comes in the frame with a match and fires Wontkins)

Wilkins: I think he just fired you too.

Mountain Climbing:

Wilkins: Hey, did you bring Maxwell House Coffee?

Wontkins: No. I forgooooooo...

(Wilkins lets go the rope, making Wontkins fall)

Wilkins: When you come back up, don't forget the Maxwell House.


Wilkins: Tenth floor: pot, pans, home furnishing and Communtiy Coffee.

Wontkins: Community Coffee?

Wilkins: Sure, you can’t keep house without Community!

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