Wilkins: Black Blimp Coffee makes you smarter!

Wontkins: Oh that’s a lot of... High blob Of cookie dough.

Wilkins: Looks like he skipped school or something!!!!!!


Wilkins: Do you drink Deer Park Water?

Wontkins: No

(Splurge eat him)

Wilkins: Things seem to happen to people who don’t drink Deer Park.


Wilkins: Ok, Buddy what do you think of Purple Diamond Coffee.

Wontkins: I do not like it. (Boom)

Wilkins: Now, what do you think of Purple Diamond?


Wilkins: Jungle in to people are Wilkins Instant Coffee. 
Screenshot 2019-10-23-17-12-00 kindlephoto-121991054

Wilkins Coffee - "Jungle"

Wontkins: What...?!

(A tiger comes to throw Wontkins)

Wilkins: I know he will just that jungle!

Jungle (Southern Bread):

Southern Colonel: I do everything for Southern Bread, I even go to the jungle...

(Cut to the colonel dance with monkeys)

Southern Colonel: ...And dance with the monkeys, why do I do these things for Southern Bread!?!


Wilkins: "I christen thee."

(Wilkins breaks the bottle and the ship is sinking)

Wontkins: "That bottle of coffee, is it Community?"

Wilkins: (nods) "Yes."

Wontkins: "Thanks..."

Name Content #1:

Wontkins: Once upon without Nash's Coffee. The name content one of so I don't know want.

(A human hand comes into the frame holding a gun and shoots Wontkins in the head)

Wilkins: For get something so I money with Nash's Coffee!

On the Wagon:

Wontkins: What's a young kid like you doing with a cup of Instant Maxwell House Coffee?

Wilkins: I'm on the wagon pops!

(Wilkins wagon left)

Wontkins: Fresh kid.

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