Wontkins is a large, plump red being that is usually seen with Wilkins. He is constantly tormented and tortured by Wilkins, due to him not liking/not drinking Wilkins Coffee. In just about every commercial featuring the puppet duo, Wontkins endures a tremendous amount of pain.

Appearance Edit

Wontkins is a red, triangular creature that has two round eyes, a wide mouth and a large orange nose. He also has two small, red feet that aren't usually seen in the commercials.

Enduring Pain Edit

In almost every commercial, Wontkins is hurt in some way. He is usually shot by a weapon, whether that be a cannon, a gun or a sharp arrow. He is also known to be attacked by other creatures, such as a strange black monster or "the hand of faith." His own property is also destroyed as well. His car and television were destroyed by Wilkins. Wontkins' home was also destroyed after Wilkins dropped a bomb into the house. In short, Wontkins is not escaping his torment anytime soon.

Wilkins Coffee Edit

Wontkins has said many times that he dislikes Wilkins Coffee, but on some occasions, he will tell the audience to buy the beverage. In "Did You Call?", Wontkins admits that he really does like Wilkins Coffee. In a few other commercials, after Wilkins tells the viewers about a special Wilkins Coffee deal, Wontkins will say "Buy Wilkins, will ya!" or "Why not!" Even though he likes Wilkins Coffee, or at least somewhat, he is still depicted as not liking the coffee in most commercials.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown what creature Wontkins is supposed to be.
  • Even though Wontkins is red, his finger puppet form is colored blue. He is also colored purple in some storyboards.


Sources: Edit

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