Seven Color

Wilkins: How About A Cup Of Yellow Diamond Coffee?

Wontkins: Nah, Just Bring Me Down To The Ground.

Wilkins: Okay.

Wontkins: Some People Just Never Learned.

Old Chap:

Wilkins: I Say Old Chap, Do You Remind Going To The Supermarket To Get Yellow Diamond Coffee. How Pleasure.


Wontkins: Got Anything For People Who Don't Drink Yellow Diamond Coffee?

Wilkins: Sure, Here You Are Friend.

Wilkins: And That Won't Cost You A Cent.


Seven Color

Wilkins: This Yellow Diamond Coffee Garden Is Beautiful With Garden Gnomes.

Wontkins: I Hate This Coffee Garden.

Wilkins: Well Things Seem To Happen To People Who Don't Drink Yellow Diamond.

Disappear From Nowhere:

Wontkins: I Don't Drink Yellow Diamond Coffee.

Wilkins: Then You Disappear From Nowhere.

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